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Products Page

Each product built by Nashville Tools for Schools is custom designed and built to meet the specific needs of the schools, classroom and teacher.

Review the products built for our MNPS schools. Click on ‘Request a Project‘ in the header to submit your project request.  One of our Project Leaders will contact you for the details.


Below are example of storage products we have built.  From your most basic storage shelves for a stockroom, to bookshelves for all dimension of books, and shelving for paper and document storage such as music sheets.  What type of shelving do you need for your classroom?


Below are example of table we have built.  Our most popular is the steel-based table.  What type of table do you need for your classroom?

Outdoor Classrooms

We build many type of outdoor classrooms.  Some contain convertible desk that change into benches.  Some are raised garden beds, while others are gazebos.

Clothes Closets

We built clothes closets to store hanging clothes and backpack cubbies for the classroom

Specialty Items

We also build specialty items needed in the classroom.  Such as instrument storage cabinets, exercises boxes, demonstration tables