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Building for our children's future.

Our focus.

Nashville Tools for School was founded for the purpose of partnering with Metro Schools and members of the community to provide the best possible learning environment for our youth and to demonstrate the community's support of our educational system.


NASHVILLE TOOLS FOR SCHOOLS is privileged to be allowed to use the old print shop on the TPS campus on Foster Ave. NTFS converted the space into a fully equipped woodworking shop with all manner of tools, both stationary and portable. Out of this facility we are able to complete the design and assembly of most of our furniture pieces. This space is perfect to host volunteer groups of various sizes. Contact us if you wish to volunteer or visit our facility.

about us.

Nashville Tools for Schools is a local 501(c)3 non-profit working daily to “build for our children’s future”. We complete light construction jobs from building furniture and outdoor classrooms to renovating locker rooms, storage areas and press boxes. We have completed over 900 projects over the past 5 years in over 100 schools and educational facilities. We need your support. Volunteer your time to help us build for our next project. Many organizations come help us build. Many donate money to help us maintain our workshop, staff and projects.


Projects Completed


Annual Volunteer Hours


Schools helped


We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

“Thank you so much for our sheet music cabinets! They are going to change our lives in the band room and I am so grateful for you and the work you do.”

Bellevue Middle School

“For many years MNPS Maintenance has very fortunate to be able to connect with a truly wonderful partner, “Nashville Tools for Schools.”  They are a group of very talented retired individuals that create unique products for teachers and schools just because they can.  During this pandemic, they have offered their woodworking expertise and have provided almost 250 sneeze guards…
People don’t have to be nice and certainly don’t have to help you but NTFS has truly been a blessing to MNPS and we just want to acknowledge them for their efforts and to publicly say “ THANK YOU.”  It is people like your team that helps us to remember what a great City and Country we live in, work for and love. Thank you for being a blessing to us.”

Louis K. Burnett

“The Art Display Tree that was delivered today was far beyond anything I imagined. It’s great, perfect. I am so happy with what you built for me.”

Warner Elementary

“[To] all who helped me, thank you for this set of 18 classroom stools for our lab space! These provide optional seating at our classes shop tables, AND keeps around $720 dollars in my lab budget.  That’s almost 150 2×4’s, 50 gallons of wood glue, or a classroom set of cordless drills. Thank you again so much!”

Stratford STEM Magnet School

“I went by my school today and saw the shelf unit. It was exactly what I was wanting and more! Excellent quality and craftsmanship.  I am so thankful for the hard work put into making it.”

Hickman Elementary

“The closets are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for taking the time to make them for our coats. Thanks for all that you do for our students.”

Hunters Lane High School

“[The grant for my project] is AMAZING news!!! Talk about a day-maker!!! I can definitely use that $100 elsewhere. With a whole cluster of students and families to serve, that will be SUPER helpful! Please send my extreme gratitude all the way up and down and around the chain of folks you work with!”

Glencliff High School

“Thank you so much for the shelving units. They were just delivered and they look AMAZING! I cannot stress my gratitude enough! Thanks again for helping me become more organized. “

H. G. Hill Middle School

“You gentlemen are everything I’ve heard about you. The work you do is amazing and I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, consideration and courtesy. You are THE BEST!”

Hillwood High School

“I just finished setting these items up in my classroom!!! The [units] are beautiful. From my students and [me], thank you all so so SO much. I love making my classroom a home for them.”

Ida B Wells Elementary

“Thanks again to everyone that made this possible. The teachers love [the computer charging carts] and can’t wait to start using them.”

Strive Collegiate Academy

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you all for the cabinets. They look great in the space. We are so grateful for the work and support of NTFS.”

Glenview Elementary, Extended Learning Programs

“The cubicles arrived this week. They are excellent quality. I am both impressed and pleased with the cubicles and the whole experience. Thank you for your dedication and efforts to make things a little better for my students.”

H G Hill Elementary

“I am so happy for the tables. I don’t think words can express how thankful I am. I am humbled by your work and devotion to our community. The kids absolutely love them and about half of the teachers have come down to the room to see how it looks. It has definitely changed the culture of my class…allows me to think about designing different grouping strategies for assignments. I am beyond humbled and appreciative of this act and service. Thank you all for being an inspiration!”

Glencliff High School

“Thank you so much for all you do for our schools. You all are amazing!”

Hillsboro HS PTSO

“Thank you so much! [The activity carts] are beautiful.”

J E Moss

I cannot say thank you enough to Tools for Schools for creating the shelving for our new clothing closet. My job as the Community Achieves Site Manager is to help eliminate some of the outside barriers our scholars have, and with the creation of clothing closet I can do just that. It warms my heart to know that we now have a space to offer clothes to our students in need.  These shelves are going to impact so many students lives and I am happy to have Tools for Schools be a part of changing our student’s future.

Whites Creek High School, Community Achieves Site Manager


The Nashville Tools for Schools Team built Napier Elementary School three beautiful cabinets with shelving units to store coats, food bags, and other donated items. This particular project made items more accessible to students and families that come in our Community Achieves Room and sort through items needed. These cabinets impacted the work we do daily serving and supporting the 293 students, families, and the community at large. It was a pure pleasure working with Mr. Bill Farris on this project. Mr. Farris was professional, knowledgeable, and very kind. I have also heard from my colleagues around the MNPS district that shared similar sentiments with NTFS. I hope NTFS knows the importance of its program and how MNPS staff, students, and families benefits from the labor of love. Napier Elementary school has benefited from our partnership for about two years and looking forward to future services.

Napier Elementary School Community Achieves Site Manager

I wanted to cordially THANK ALL OF YOU who work tirelessly and also volunteer your time to build and craft such beautiful pieces for the schools of Nashville. This is my 3rd piece from you and it is beautiful! I love working with you and appreciate all that you do! Much love and thanks,

Natalie Vadas

Cora Howe

The team did a fantastic job and we are excited for our Kindergarten students to use the new cubbies.    

Russell Young, Ed. D.

Percy Priest Elementary

NewsChannel5 Nashville highlighted the wonderful nonprofit Nashville Tools for Schools on their broadcast on 4/25/2022. Click on the image to learn more about why you should support Nashville Tools for Schools during next week’s Big Payback.

Our team.

Our directors and consultants are multi-skilled volunteers. Among them are architects, engineers, experts in Metro’s building codes, contractors, and civic organizers. Using their individual abilities, they offer their expertise and advice free of charge – all for the betterment of Nashville area schools and students. Here is our list of current Board Members:

Andy Davis
Board Member

NTFS Board Member since 2020

Ben Dodd

NTFS Board Member since 2017
Chair since July, 2021

Bob Harwell
Board Member

NTFS Board Member since 2018

Bev Herbert
Vice Chair

NTFS Board Member since 2014

Jim Hinson

NTFS Board Member since 2021

Bob Johnson
Board member

NTFS Board Member since 2020

Steve Lainhart
Board Member

NTFS Board Member since 2020

Robert Stack
Board Member

NTFS Board Member since 2022

Denise Sesler
Board Member

NTFS Board Member since 2013

John Stauffer

NTFS Board Member since 2021

Jean Lauzon

Bookkeeper/Grant Writer

Sarah Cline

NTFS Board Intern since 2023

Cody Cline

NTFS Board Intern since 2023

Harry Baird
Board Member Emeritus

NTFS Board Member since 2010

Stephen H. McHugh
Board Member Emeritus

NTFS Board Member since 2006.

Get in Touch

Mailing Address
Nashville Tools For Schools
P.O. Box 158480
Nashville, TN 37215


Where to find us

 Shop  Address 
1250 Foster Ave, Bldg 1234
Nashville, Tennessee 37210